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I Updated!!
So I got poked a couple of days ago because I hadn't posted in a couple of weeks... T.T I'll try and do better. I don't have much of an excuse. I did finish those chapters of Collapse over a week ago. But I discovered this show on Netflix about three weeks ago and it has consumed my soul. I'm not sure how I missed it because it is a popular show. It's a little show called Supernatural in case you never heard of it. >.< A supernatural fic may pop up at some point...

Chapters 15-18 are with a beta editor right now and I'll see about posting those when I get them back. I'm also going to try and post at least one chapter per month of Green Eyes of the Gods. I really don't want to leave that to flounder while I work on Collapse. TBH I'm not 100% in love with Collapse right now. There are some things that I really want to add to it. But for now I'm doing a first round of edits to post here and on the SLPG site.

Also I wanted to post a fuller shot of my inspiration for Taemin in Collapse. He's inspired by a guy named Ki Kwang. Ki Kwang is a singer that is part of a boy band called Beast out of South Korea. My beta editor said that she thought Taemin sounded to good to be true.  A guy with a pretty and delicate face but with the body of a serious athlete is kind of hard to come by and she said it was harder to believe because he was Asian.

Behold Ki Kwang:

See the above pic live action. This is a minute and a half long teaser for their first album. Ki Kwang is for most of it is wearing a pair of black overalls with a black and while sleeveless jacket over it.

And I wanted to post an actual smiling shot:


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