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Green Eyes of the Gods - Part 14
loki laughing
Title: Green Eyes of the Gods
Author: Sophia Dreith
Fandom: Boardwalk Empire & Thor
Pairing: Loki/Lucky Luciano/Arnold Rothstein
Rating: R
Summary: Tom felt the blow to the back of his head and the world was suddenly in slow motion. The hit hadn't hurt in the slightest, but he felt something bubble up inside of him and turned to the man behind him holding the wooden club. "That... was a mistake."
Notes: This fic was created from multiple prompts I found on Norsekink.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Part Fourteen

With each step Charlie took down the hall back towards the room that he's left Tom in, he felt his heart sink further and further as scenarios of all kinds played through his mind about what he might find. And as Charlie pushed open the door and saw Tm sitting at the foot of the bed with his head in his hand, many of those scenarios seemed all too real. Tom had been better when he's left the room but now the taller man seemed to have broken down again. It was obvious that Tom was the person who'd seen he and Arnold.

Charlie takes a few steps further into the room before stopping in front of the green eyed man. He reached out for his companion and his voice was hesitant. “I'm sorry.”

Tom immediately shook off the Sicilian man's touch and looked up at him. “Do you love him?”

Charlie hesitated but in the end he decided to be honest. “Yes. But it can never work between the two of us.”


The shorter man sighed and moved to site beside his companion. Tom moved over a bit putting even more space between the pair but Charlie didn't comment on it. “Real relationships are about giving and taking. AR and me... Neither one of us are too great at giving. We both just take and in the end we both know it won't work.”

“Are you with me? Or are you with him?”

Charlie did not even hesitate. “I'm with you. But you need to understand. It's very hard to say 'no' to AR. He controls this city and really, he controls a large portion of the trade in the country. I am what I am because I threw my lot in with him early. And I've been with him long enough to know that anything he wants, he typically gets.”

Tom scoffed but Charlie quickly cut him off. “ Don't underestimate AR's reach or his influence. If you piss him off our lives will become very difficult very fast.”

Tom nodded his head in understanding though the reluctance is stark on his face.


Tom opened his eyes the next morning to and had a to blink a few time to remember where he was. The blue striped wallpaper was unfamiliar to him as was the very large bed that he was currently laying in. He turned his head a bit to take in the white and blue décor and slowly sat up.

He was in Arnold Rothstein's house. He'd killed two people last night. Tom felt a wave of nausea building in his stomach at the thought and buried his face in his hands for a few minutes as he got himself under control.

Where was Charlie?

Tom looked around and spotted a note on the bedside table. He reached over and snagged it. Tom instantly recognized Charlies looping handwriting.

I needed to leave early to take care of some business. I had the car brought back here so just have one of AR's servants drive you back home when you get up.

I love you.


Tom wasn't all that pleased by the idea that Charlie had just left him in Rothstein's home but there was nothing to be done about it except to get dressed and try to leave without drawing the attention of the home's owner. The light outside his window was still tinged with the gray of dawn meaning it was still early. The servants would assuredly already be up and about but if Tom was lucky, then Rothstein would prove to be the typical rich man and still be in bed.

Arnold Rothstein... The man who wanted his lover. Tom would admit that he was not in a good position when it came to dealing with this situation. He'd only been with Charlie for a little over a month and he lived with the Sicilian man only through his good graces. And Arnold had history with Charlie.

Tom tried to shake off his worries as he dressed. The almost tedious process of dressing in the conservative clothing from the night before helped to ease his nerves. Tom picked up his collar and tie and pocketed them into his jacket. He stepped out into the hall of the home and absently ran his fingers though his hair. The green-eyed man was sure it was still a bit of a mess but if he was lucky no one would really see him besides one of the servants. He easily made his way down the stairs to the first floor and quickly passed several rooms on his way to the kitchen where he knew the servants would be congregating.

His haste, however, was halted when he heard a firm voice. “Tom. Come here a minute.”

Tom felt his body freeze in the doorway of an informal breakfast room. His eyes slid from the promised land of the kitchen door over to the occupant of the room to his left. Rothstein was seated in front of a round wooden table with a thick turned base. The man looked perfect with his plush navy blue robe over matching blue sleeping clothes. The business section of The New York Times was laid out before him as he drank coffee from a delicate china cup and nibbled on an English muffin with marmalade.

Tom allowed his eyes to slide shut for a fraction of a second as he got himself under control. He plastered a polite smile onto his face as he turned on his heals and entered the room. He waited in the doorway until Rothstein gestured for him to sit. Tom would have preferred to sit on the other side of the table and keep as much distance between himself and the mob boss as possible, however Rothstein seemed very keen on placing him right beside himself.

Arnold said nothing as he folded up the newspaper and set it aside. Tom watched as the man then poured a cup of the coffee and placed a toasted English muffin in a separate dish. Arnold then placed both in front of Tom. The man then leaned back and gave him that smile that hinted at nothing but seemed to allude to everything.

“So you and Charlie are together, right?”

Tom blinked at the pointed question. “Yes.”

“You know Charlie is in my employ and has been for some time. I saw greatness in him evern when he was just a dirty little sixteen year old punk. He's my right hand now and he's only twenty-four years old. He knows what he wants from life and it has always been a bit of a goal of mine to help him achieve his own ambitions. But something you need to know is that he's mine and everything that he owns is mine as well. So you and your disappearing daggers are mine as well.”

“I'm not yours and Charlie is his own man.”

Tom got up and turned to leave but was stopped when he felt a steel-like grip encase his wrist and he was suddenly pushed up against the wall. Tom's breath caught as Arnold pushed his face in close enough that Tom could smell the coffee and marmalade on his breath. Tom kept himslef still even as Arnold brought a hand up and ran gentle fingers down the side of Tom's cheek in a mockery of a lover's caress. The fingers continued to travel lower and dipped into the top of his shirt.

Rothstein's voice was quiet. “This city and everything in it is mine.” His fingers wrapped around the pendant hanging from his necklace chain. “Including Charlie and including you.”

Tom's hand came up to push the other man away. No!

The familiar pale green light flashed again and AR was thrown back a few paces. He managed to catch himself on the edge of the table, the impact causing the delicate china to rattle ominously. The man heaved a few breaths before his predatory eyes came up and met Tom's own shocked ones.

“I knew it.”

They stared at one another in silence but they were soon interrupted as the sound of the their scuffle drew a few of the servants.

The dark skinned man looked between his employer leaning heavily against the table and the noticeably scared young man leaning against the wall. “Mister Rothstein, is everything alright?”

Arnold seemed to shake himself from his thoughts and stood up straite once more and adjusted his robe, his eyes never leaving Tom's. “Everything is fine, Jackson. You can go back to the kitchen.”

The man nodded reluctantly but turned and left, leaving Tom alone with Arnold once again. Tom tore his eyes from the Mob boss and looked down at his hands as if he'd never seen them before.

“I'm sorry.”

Tom did not meet Rothstein's eyes again as he fled the room like a flushed rabbit.


AR let his lips slide into their familiar smile. He wasn't one to typically put himself in harms way but he wanted to keep a lid on whatever Tom was. The green light had returned, though thankfully the daggers had not.

Tom didn't seem to know what was happening to himself any more than AR did. But Arnold would not let such a being slip through his grasp. That coupled with the fact that AR was attracted to him only further cemented his need to own Tom as well as Charlie. Tom was beautiful to look at and if he could get that light under control, he'd be an even greater asset.

One of his servants scurried into the room asking permission to take Tom home and he waved them away with his assent. He needed to think. Tom needed to be brought to heel and AR knew he needed to do that personally so he'd need to come up with plans for meeting Tom privately.

Arnold spent the rest of the morning drinking his coffee and reading the paper but fantasies of Tom and Charlie both together and separately kept playing in the back of his mind.

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So AR wants to eat his cake and have it too. Loki, even when ignorant of his memories, is not the type to share.

pretty much nailed it. :) Though, As much as Loki is a supreme manipulator when he's himself, AR is the master in this situation and will do his best to work everything to his advantage.

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