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Green Eyes of the Gods - Part 10
Arnold and Charlie
Title: Green Eyes of the Gods
Author: Sophia Dreith
Fandom: Boardwalk Empire & Thor
Pairing: Loki/Lucky Luciano/Arnold Rothstein
Rating: R
Summary: Tom felt the blow to the back of his head and the world was suddenly in slow motion. The hit hadn't hurt in the slightest, but he felt something bubble up inside of him and turned to the man behind him holding the wooden club. "That... was a mistake."
Notes: This fic was created from multiple prompts I found on Norsekink.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Part Ten

Arnold Rothstein wasn't a man to cross. He had connections to every organized crime family in New York and many more in Chicago and Philadelphia. And while he hadn't experienced the hard beginnings of some of his business partners, he was as ruthless as a starving dog after a scrap of meat. Arnold had always lived by the idea that if he wanted something, he would have it. It my take a while to get it but Arnold was nothing if not a patient man.

He'd taken a shine to Charlie when he'd first met the kid even with dirty clothes and a horrible accent that spoke of a poor life with little to no real education. But he'd seen potential there. This kid had succeeded in taking out one of Rothstein's enemies and was there for his reward. This little slip of a boy had murdered the head of a gang that had been a thorn in Arnold's side for a while and had even gotten away with it.

So, he'd given the boy his reward and then he'd given him a job. And then the older man had pretty much ignored him until the kid wasn't a kid anymore. Years after their first meeting, the underboss that Charlie working under had been sick and it had fallen to Charlie to take his district's earnings to Rothstein. Arnold had almost not recognized him. Gone was the threadbare, ill fitting clothing and large newsboy cap that had covered half his face. No filth smudged over his cheeks and his fingernails no longer looked as though he'd been cleaning a chimney.

Arnold would be the first to admit that perhaps he'd gone a little too fast. Charlie had still been only nineteen at the time and he'd obviously never had any sort of relations with a man or even thought about it. Arnold had directed the dark haired man to sit in a chair beside his desk and wait. An hour later all of the other underbosses had reported and turned over their earnings and Arnold had closed the door to the office before turning back to Sicilian.

"Your name is Charlie, right."

"I go by Lucky these days, uh sir."

Arnold had smiled had him and come closer. A shark closing in on his prey, "I think I'll stick with Charlie, if you don't mind. I remember you. The kid who took out Gregolio. You've grown since then."

Charlie said nothing and Arnold came to stand right in front of him. The darker haired man quickly stood up. It wasn't polite to stay seated when your betters were standing. At the time, Arnold had still been taller than Charlie and he'd looked down at that pretty face filled with arrogant pride and couldn't help himself.

He'd put both his hands on the sides of the Sicilian's face and pulled the shorter man in for a kiss. It hadn't been great. Charlie had instantly started struggling to be released. He was smart enough not to dare and hurt his boss but his lips were sealed shut and his eyes were saucer wide. Arnold had been disappointed but as always, he could be patient.

He'd released the dark haired man and watched as he stumbled backwards into the credenza, and sound of the vase shaking on the surface filled the room with a sort of tinkling noise. Charlie had looked stunned, his eyes wide and his mouth open and reddened. His cheeks had been flushed and he was panting slightly.

Arnold had known at that moment that he'd never let this man go. But he'd only smiled that serene smile of his and had walked over to the small table to the side and poured them a couple of glasses of scotch.

By the time he'd turned back around Charlie was pulling himself together and was trying to straiten his cheap suit.

"Charlie, I want you to report to me tomorrow morning at eight am."

Arnold could see the suspicion on the man's face at the order but he said nothing as he took the glass. Thankfully he hadn't drained it in one gulp. It was twenty year old scotch and it was good to see he was savoring it.

"Why did you do that?"

Arnold snorted and took another swallow of his liquor, "Because I want you."

"I ain't no pansy."

Rothstein had chuckled a bit, "Do I look like a pansy man to you?"

"I-I would never say-"

"I know you wouldn't. You're not that stupid. Just as I know you're not stupid enough to think that just because I enjoy fucking men, that I must also enjoy dressing up as a woman."

Charlie looked shocked by the very idea but decided to stick to his guns, "I won't do that for any man."

"Really? We'll see."

Afterward, Arnold had installed the young Sicilian man as his assistant and then later as his right hand. He'd gotten the younger man out of his drab brown suits and had introduced him to finer clothing and taught him to be an almost gentleman.

But though it all, Arnold was grudgingly impressed that Charlie had stuck to his guns, though it had annoyed Arnold to no end. The two of them had partaken in joint jerk off sessions and he'd even gotten the dark haired man to suck him off a time or two but Charlie still hadn't let Arnold fuck him.

The older man was well aware that he could order Charlie to let him do it and he knew the Charlie would comply with the order but that wasn't really Rothstein's style. Over the years, he'd had many men and during that time, he called on those others less and less. Though they happily let him have his way with all of them, it was never as good as it was even with Charlie just jerking him off.

Arnold wasn't sure if he was capable of love. He'd never loved anyone in his life. People were just a means to an end. But Charlie had always been different. When Charlie was in a room, Arnold's gaze never wavered from him.

It had been a couple of weeks since he'd returned and Charlie had refused him. Charlie hadn't made the mistake again and they'd once again enjoyed their sessions of mutual gratification. But at the same time, Arnold could tell that Charlie wasn't as eager for it as he once was.

Arnold was troubled by Charlie's initial refusal of his advances and subsequent half hearted participation afterward. Arnold knew for a fact that Charlie had enjoyed their activities before. Arnold was even aware that the Sicilian man had, more than once, had relations with other men and even had sex with them, though never bottoming. Arnold kept his ears open and he hadn't heard anything about Charlie visiting the brothels or perhaps even courting a girl.

He wouldn't tolerate Charlie refusing him and there had to be a reason for it to have happened. Arnold had already made a call for Meyer Lansky to come so he'd get his answers and as he heard Garrett let a guest inside, he knew that he'd have his information soon.

Arnold picked up his pen and he made a show of being quite busy as the shorter man came up the stairs and entered his office with a soft knock on the door jam. Arnold ignored him as he walked over to stand before the desk, his hat held in his hands.

Arnold stopped writing and set the pen to the side before pulling the familiar smile to his face and looking up at his underling.

"Meyer, thank you for coming. I just have a few questions about something of a personal nature."

Meyer fidgeted a bit uncomfortably, "It's no problem Mr. Rothstein. Anything I can do, you just need to ask."

Arnold's smile widened, "What's Charlie been up to lately?"

Meyer's eyes widened fractionally, "He's been taking care of business. No problems."

"I meant personally. He seems different lately. His preferences and priorities seemed to have shifted."

"I wouldn't kno-"

"Is he seeing anyone romantically?"

Arnold could see Meyer's thoughts on the answer flitting across his face before the man finally answered, "I don't think he's seeing any broads."

Arnold felt his eyebrows raise a bit at the answer, "Has he been seeing any men?"

Meyer wasn't an idiot and he was one of Charlie's closest friends so he had to be well aware of the nature of his and Charlie's relationship.

As it was Meyer quickly sorted himself out and straitened up, "About a month ago, Charlie had a guest move in with him into his townhouse."

"A guest?"

"Yes, Uh, we-that is Charlie, I, and Joe Profeci went upstate to Charlie's new house near Montebello. Well were out in the woods doing some hunting when we came across this man laying out in the woods. He'd been hurt so we carried him back to Charlie's house. Well, after he woke up, we realized he didn't have any memory of his life before. Charlie's been letting him stay with him."

Arnold looked over Lansky. There was something missing, however he didn't care enough to try and ferret out the information. What he did care about was the fact that Charlie had taken in some stray out of the dirt was letting the little interloper live with him. This was nothing like Charlie. The man was a killer and he was good at it. No, if Charlie was going to so much trouble to take care of some peasant then he had a reason for it. Either he was already getting something he wanted or he intended to get something in the future.

"What's his name?"

"Well, he didn't remember his real name so Charlie gave him a new one, Tom Marriston."

Arnold nodded and dismissed Meyer. Arnold at first contemplated dismissing this new interloper in a permanent fashion but if he were ever caught, no doubt Charlie would be beyond angry and even possibly leave him. No, Arnold decided he wanted to see the little poacher in person. He would be better able to determine the best course of action and decide how best to deal with the situation if he could see how entrenched this man was in Charlie's life.

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It only gets better from here, I hope.:) My problem is that I'm not 100% sure how I want to end this fic. I'm thinking of perhaps making it a downward slide as Charlie becomes Lucky Luciano, the Boss of Bosses and the Head of the National Crime Sindicate. And Tom becomes less enthralled by a man who is a consumate criminal. But that will make this a VERY long fic and I'm afraid my attention span won't go for that long.

There is also the option of ending it when Arnold Rothstein is shot and killed which happens in 1928, eight years from where this fic is currently at. Right now, I'm just kind of letting the fic write itself and if I get to either point then that's where it ends.

And I'm a little unsure of what I'm going to do with that novella. My friend that I mentioned works for a small publishing company so after I get it up to snuff, I want to send it her way. She was really great. I got the idea for the story while she, I, and another friend of ours were on a trip down to Houston. I saw a sign on the side of the road that said, 'Prison Area: Don't pick up Hitchhikers.'

I started talking about it and she was working on something on her netbook but she stopped what she was doing and opened up a word document and handed the thing to me and told me to write it all down before I forgot it. She's been kind of nudging me along for over a year.

But I was thinking, you're pretty much the only person on here and you're my only LJ friend so maybe I can post it and make it only viewable to you. Would you be willing to give me some feedback on it? :3

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It's cool. I want to let you know that I'm going to be focusing on finishing this novella. I'm hoping to finish it by the end of this month so I need to spend some extra time on it. However, I'll see about posting it on here so only you can see it.

I'll get back to GEotG after I finish the novella. TBH I'm anxious to move on from this thing but I feel like I can't until I finish this because if I don't and I try putting it off, then I'll never get back to it and get it done.

Hopefully it won't take me too long, though. :)

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just posted prologue through chapter two. :3

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