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Green Eyes of the Gods - Part 12
Arnold and Charlie
Title: Green Eyes of the Gods
Author: Sophia Dreith
Fandom: Boardwalk Empire & Thor
Pairing: Loki/Lucky Luciano/Arnold Rothstein
Rating: R
Summary: Tom felt the blow to the back of his head and the world was suddenly in slow motion. The hit hadn't hurt in the slightest, but he felt something bubble up inside of him and turned to the man behind him holding the wooden club. "That... was a mistake."
Notes: This fic was created from multiple prompts I found on Norsekink.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Part Twelve

Charlie arrived home and immediately made his way back to the library where he knew his companion would be. Tom generally spent all day in there simply reading everything. Charlie figured the green eyed man was trying to relearn everything he was missing. Mary An-Alexandra had been a big help in answering many of the questions the man had about some of the literature and Charlie had given her extra money to spend during her shopping runs to pick up any other books that might interest the taller man.

Charlie turned towards the doorway when he reached the threshold and was reminded that the sight of Tom never failed to take his breath away. Especially when the man smiled at him so dazzlingly and got up to greet him with a soft kiss to the lips.

“You're home early. Did you stop by your boss' office?”

Tom's words were serene and without worry unlike the anxiety crawling through Charlie at the thought of prolonged contact between AR and Tom. Charlie gestured for Tom sit back down and Charlie, himself, sat down as well.

“Tom, AR told me he stopped by here today. I need you to tell me exactly what happened.”

Tom's head tilted in confusion but he answered none the less, “He asked if I was Tom Marriston and what our relationship was and I said yes I am and that you're my patron, just like you told me to say. Then he asked if we could go out with him tonight for dinner at Leila Blue Supper Club and I said, that was your decision.”

Charlie sighed in relief. That didn't sound too bad. Charlie had had a long talk with Tom about current views on homosexuality and how they should act in public or what Tom should say if he were to be asked about their situation. Tom had seemed a bit shocked by the idea that men being together in public was not terribly well accepted unless you were a 'pansy man'. The shock continued when Charlie explained that pansy men were men who liked dressing up as women or were simply overly feminine.

Neither Charlie or Tom could make a claim to being in any way feminine in their looks or demeanor so it was vital that Tom maintain the public notion that they were simply friends and Tom was from England here looking for new opportunities.

Charlie, though, was concerned about how AR had even known Tom's name, apparently before he'd even arrived. But he nodded and just brought his hand up to Tom's chin before getting back up and planting a quick kiss on the other man's lips.

He began to walk out of the room before turning back to Tom, “Dinner isn't for a few hours yet so you can read a while longer. Is your black pinstripe suit pressed?”

Tom nodded, “Yes. I was thinking with the gray shirt and green tie?”

“Perfect. Make sure you're upstairs by six-thirty so we can get ready and be there by eight.”

Tom nodded and picked his book back up as Charlie left the room and headed back down the hall towards his office. Johns headed him off and stopped him before he entered.

“Mr. Luciano, your boss, Mr. Rothstein came by earlier.”

“Yes, I know. He mentioned it and Tom just told me about it.”

“So, he found the file he needed?”

Charlie's blood froze, “File?”

“Yes, he came in and went to your office saying that he needed a document. He took something from your desk but then he asked me to open the locked cabinet. I don't have the key so I couldn't open it. Then he went down to the library and talked to Mr. Marriston.”

Charlie felt his jaw clench at the thought of Rothstein opening that cabinet. The Sicilian was well aware that he could have found a much better place to put his treasure but he liked being able to see it and he enjoyed keeping the golden metal polished.

Charlie took a breath, “He didn't get the cabinet open.”

Johns shook his head, “No sir.”

Charlie nodded, “Thank you for telling me. I have some paperwork to catch up on and then Tom and I have a dinner at eight tonight so please tell Anthony not to bother with dinner for us.”

“Of course, Mr. Luciano.”

Charlie turned from the man and made his way into the office and closed the door behind him. He walked over to the cabinet and ran his hands over the deep rich wood of the door that protected Tom's secret. He'd had Murphy reinforce the doors with metal bars behind the wood. No one was getting into this thing without the key and Charlie kept it with him at all times. He'd thought at first to store it in the safe but AR had access to it and that was a risk Charlie wasn't willing to take.

AR had access to anything in his house. The man wouldn't tolerate it any other way. But his boss hadn't mentioned not being able to access the cabinet when they'd spoken that afternoon so Charlie could only hope that AR had perhaps lost interest in the cabinet. Though, if he were honest, he wasn't really counting on that.


Arnold watched as Charlie entered the club with Tom in tow. He'd only seen the green eyed man sitting down so he was a bit surprised at the way the man fairly towered over others in attendance. Charlie was considered taller than average at 5'11'' and Mr. Marriston had at least a good three inches on him putting the dark haired man over six feet tall.

Arnold did his best to conceal his jealousy as Charlie lead the other man over. Tom's wide eyed look seem to garner a more doting persona from Charlie. Something the Sicilian man had never shown to Arnold. Not that Arnold wanted that. No, he wanted his employees tough and able to handle themselves.

Charlie looked over at him and gave him a look of acknowledgment as he lead his companion to their table. Charlie looked good in his dove gray suit and blue shirt. It was topped off with a gray and black patterned tie. Arnold remembered that suit. He'd been with Charlie at the suit shop and he'd picked it out for the younger man.

He wondered briefly if Charlie remembered the day with as much fondness as he did. Or perhaps, Arnold thought as he took in the perfectly put together black and green attire of Tom Marriston, Charlie was making new memories with someone else. Marriston's suit was black with a subtle green pin stripe. He had a black shirt underneath with a bright green tie. Charlie probably picked it out for the man.

Arnold felt his jaw clench even as he smiled his enigmatic smile when the pair approached the table, “Charlie! Tom! Have a seat! Joe and I were just talking about you!”

He saw Charlie's face twitch slightly but the Sicilian merely smiled and said his greeting as he and Tom sat down. Tom smiled at he and Joe and shook both their hands as he sat down.

Throughout the dinner Arnold watched Tom, looking for any signs that would further indicate who this man really was. He wasn't sure he believed the idea that Charlie just found the man in the woods and that he woke up with no memory. Charlie seemed perfectly content with the taller man though neither showed any signs of intimate affection while in public. Truly, they looked the picture of good friends.

The idea grated on Arnold's nerves even further. Charlie had always sat beside him and they had always made the perfect united front. Arnold, with his smooth words and Charlie with his obvious projection of barely contained violence and malice.

But none of that showed on the man's face tonight. Besides the fact that he was obviously uncomfortable having both of his lovers facing one another over the dinner table, he looked... relaxed. Conversation flowed naturally from him and his smiles were easy especially when directed at Tom.

The interloper, however, was quiet through most of dinner. He said very little unless asked a direct question. He and Charlie shared a few looks here or there but other than that, the man was a closed book.

As they got up to leave, Arnold was left with the feeling that he hadn't learned anything he didn't already know and that irritated him like nothing else. He never let it show on his face, even as they all walked outside to part ways.

The evening was so placid that they were all caught bu surprise by the yell, “Hey Rothstein, Boccia sends his regards!”

They all looked over in time to hear a shot ring out. Arnold felt himself being pushed to the ground. As he hit the pavement, he looked up and saw that Tom Marrison had been the one to push him aside. What caught his attention, though, was the way the man's green eyes seemed to have taken on an eerie green glow.

His attention was diverted when another man ran from the shadows towards them, a pipe in his hand. There was a dim flash a green light and suddenly Tom was in front of the man. He dropped the pipe and stepped away only to fall to the ground, a silver forked dagger protruding from his midsection.

Arnold's gaze was averted as Charlie knelt beside him to help him from he ground.

His words were shaky, “Where's the other one?”

The both looked to see the other man running away. He didn't get too far, however, when Tom threw another dagger in an almost sideways throw and the projectile embedded itself into the man's back and he fell to the ground.

Charlie had helped him to stand up before leaving his side to go to their would-be protector. Tom was facing away from them but Arnold could tell he had has hands in front of his face. Charlie put his hand on the taller man's shoulder and even Arnold could see how the man flinched at the contact.

Charlie turned him around and Arnold was able to see the man's pale face. His eyes had lost the eerie glow and instead were glassy with tears that streamed from his eyes as he looked at his blood soaked hand.

Arnold heard Charlie try speaking to the man but he was ignored until the Sicilian brought his hands up to cup either side of the green eyed man's face, his fingers curling around the man's jaw. Charlie seemed to finally get his attention but then he started hyperventilating.

Arnold turned to Joe, “Get the car. We need to leave here. Now.”

The man nodded and ran off.

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An amazing chapter as always. Will Arnold feel like he owes Tom because he saved his life?

tbh, I'm not sure Arnold will ever feel like he owes anyone anything. He is much more interested in how he can use anything and anyone to his advantage. Though this may take the edge off his anger at what he perceives as someone poaching on his territory. If he believes that Tom is more useful alive rather than dead, he may be willing to put up with having someone else move in on his lover.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! It's pretty much downhill(for Tom) from here. Arnold is nothing if not opportunistic when he sees something that interests him.

I was actually a little iffy about writing the 'fight scene'. In the original draft that scene was written from Tom's point of view and so it was much more detailed. But when I went back over it, I felt it really needed to be from Arnold's POV and unfortunately a guy laying on the ground after having been pushed out of the way of a bullet in the middle of a dark sidewalk isn't going to see much which really hindered the original detail of the scene. I may go back and add in the scene from Tom's POV as a flashback or something.

I'm going to try to get at least one more chapter of this out this month and I hope to get one or two out per month for February and March while working on Collapse.

Edited at 2012-01-21 03:30 pm (UTC)

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