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Sorry it's taken me so long to get stuff up! I'm actually working on an original novella as well as GEotG. I'm almost done with the novella, it's about 60,000 words so far and I'm hoping to complete it soon. I'm not sure what I'm thinking writing all this stuff. I've never been much of a writer but a good friend of mine told me that if I wanted to write something, I should, if only to stop it from spinning around in my head.

Chapter twelve of GEotG was kicking my butt because that is the chapter where the shit starts hitting the fan and I'm not so good with action. But I finished at least the first draft so I posted chapter ten which is more of a introspective history of Arnold and Charlie and how their relationship started.

I've almost halted work on Stronger Beast. I actually have the outline of that completed so I know what I need to write but that story hasn't gotten any attention from anyone. While the BWE/Thor crossover fic has gotten reviews and feedback, I've not heard so much as a peep from anyone about SB so I put that one completely on the back burner until I finish either GEotG or my original novella, Collapse.

Collapse is a post apocalyptic survival story set a couple of years after a virus has killed off over 99% of the population. I'm really eager to finish this novella, though, because it has eaten up a very large chunk of my time for the last few months. If I'm lucky I'll finish it within the month. :)


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